I've captured every moment of life

From the very first breath

And their perfect little features

To finding your soulmate

And starting your "ever after"

You have so many big moments

That deserve to be remembered

I'd be honored to help

So you never forget

What makes life beautiful

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Let me show you what I see.

You see messy make-up and an imperfect hair day, I see a a girl who is loved beyond measure by her boyfriend. You see love handles and body changes, I see a mom who pours herself into her wonderful kids. You see a stubborn hardheaded high schooler who won't smile, I see an aspiring dreamer who's on the verge of a massive life change and handling it beautifully. You see midnight feedings and exhaustion, I see a beautiful baby who's happy, healthy, and loved.

There's a light in your eye that only other people see, and that is the beauty of photography. The best part of my job is that I get to capture that light for you to see it yourself. Let me show you what I see, because it's pretty incredible if you ask me.

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